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The Penny9 Line

I am going to start off by saying Thank You for gracing my website with your presence. 

Now I am going to guide your eyes up to the family photo and warn you that the photo is 5 years old. Yes it is time for an updated family photo but do you know how hard it is to get everyone together at the same time and place...Chaos. I will have an updated one for the launch date... I promise.

The Story behind the Company

One day in November 2018, I was doing crafts with the younger kids and "Pooh Pooh" my youngest daughter asked me could she get some Chapstick. I said she could but before I gave it to her a voice told me to read what was in it. So I did and of course I didn't recognize any of the ingredients but like two. I did like most individuals and gave it to her to use, besides I used the brand also. It kept bugging me that I didn't know the ingredients so I started googling them and reading what was the uses and benefits of each one. I was very surprised at what I was learning. Most of the ingredients where either not good for your lips in the long run, it was something to prolong the life of the product or added so that a minimum amount of the actual good couple of ingredients would be used. Don't take my word alone on this please do your own research. 

Back to the story!

A couple of days went by and one night I had a dream ( yes, sure did just like MLK ). It was God telling me to start making my kids and family their own lip products. I know you don't question God so I said it silently in my head," How am I going to do that when you know I have high blood pressure and ten other things wrong with me." I was so serious about this conversation with myself, I even suggested that he just go ahead and let them approve my disability because that would have been easier to do. I knew I was wasting my time so the next morning, when God woke me up, I started researching and reading books, filling out paperwork and taking whatever extra money I had to in order to make this dream happen.

That's how Penny9, LLC started

- Pandora Tipler

( by the way, Penny is my nickname)