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                                                               Shipping Policy

All shipping is handled through the USPS and we are currently only shipping within the US.

                           Please allow 7 - 10 Business Days for processing and shipping.

 If a Holiday falls on any of the mailing days, orders will go out on the next mailing day after the Holiday.

            Example: If you order on Monday, August 23rd than expect your package to arrive around Saturday,                                       September 4th. ( The package will be mailed on Wednesday, September 1st.)


                                                         Return & Exchange Policy

   We will not be doing returns or exchanges but will grant store credit.         

  • My products are all Organic therefore, Please READ the ingredients list and make sure you are comfortable with the product before you purchase.

  • Since the products are Organic with no chemicals, Products are priced accordingly.

  • I do not recommend using the products passed 12 months or whatever time period is on product.

  • If you have any questions please email me at: before you make a purchase.

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